Strict control of databases, frequency of participation and new participants, avoiding the repetition of respondents.

100% quality guarantee and complete transparency in the recruiting process.

Technological resources to assist us to complete the recruiting process within the specified deadline.

Strict confirmation process to assure punctuality of participants and avoid delays

Expert recruiters to assure all recruiting is done internally, allowing us to guarantee the quality of the process

Strict compliance with RGPD (Spanish Data Protection Laws), guaranteeing the confidentiality of client databases.

We never use mass emails, avoiding indiscriminate participation and participants that do not match the necessary profile.

Resources and creativity to recruit even the most complex target groups

Our work is completely transparent and we maintain continual contact with our clients, avoiding surprises during the fieldwork.

Our Resources

Magnificent internal team with ample experience in the sector.

Secondary online brands to achieve and expand our pool of totally qualified respondents.

Established protocols to assure data protection of client databases (for recruiting from provided lists).

100% telephone screening with one of our qualified recruiting personally screening respondents to assure the necessary target group according to the screening questionnaire and assure expressive and vocal participants.