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Room services

A variety of set-up options personalized for your project (theatre, classroom, living room, kitchen, supermarket shelves, etc.).

Large windows / balconies in all the rooms of our offices, natural light and guaranteed ventilation.

Independent viewing rooms for clients with extra-large viewing mirrors.

Waiting areas for participants.

Kitchen and office area.

High-speed Internet access and Wi-Fi.

Independent air conditioning and climate control.

Printing, scanning and photocopy capabilities in black and white and colour.

Flipchart / White boards.

Stationery and office supplies.

Laptops and tablets

Large televisions for presentations

In-house streaming capabilities and FocusVision

Digital recording in audio and video in local language and for simultaneous translation, with secure FTP transfer of digital recordings.

Research Services

Note taking.

Verbatim transcripts of recordings

Simultaneous translation equipment

Catering Services

Self-service Nespresso coffee in client viewing rooms.

Water and refreshment service for participants and clients.

We can adapt to special needs of clients: vegetarians, allergies, traditional, Mediterranean, etc.